jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

It's all about makeup


Have you seen the new video with my beautiful model?! I think it turned out great, hopefully you guys like it! :)

Today is a very important day for me. Tonight I'm going to be giving a presentation on the basics of makeup. I'm very excited but I'm also nervous!! My friend and I are going to be at the site since 5:30pm and we're going to do the makeup of the first 4 women that get to the event. These girls are going to be models when I'm giving the presentation, so it's going to be cool. My presentation is going to last like an hour and a half and it starts at 7pm. I hope I don't get excited and make the presentation longer, hahaha.

Ok, well today I'm going to tape my look for the event. So check back later and I'll have another video!

I have included a pic of the "Liqueur look" but on me :)

Have a wonderful day!

-Your Amiguita

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