viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008

It was a Blast!

Helloo, Helloo,

Yesterday night was wonderful. We had a great time and did so much in 5 hours. Everyone that attended was so happy, smiling, asking questions and learning by taking a look at the people that we were doing their makeup. The purpose of the event was to get women to enjoy their femininity and all their attributes through makeup and I think our goal was definitely met.

Yesterday I uploaded a new tutorial about how to do a Smokey eye. It's a little long because to do a smokey eye is not that easy... but it is well worth it! :) So check it out and let me know if it worked for you!

I also have to upload my video on the look I had on yesterday, hopefully I'll do it later tonight.
It was cool, a megenta with some gold and silver pigment on top. I loved it! Take a look at the picture :)

Ok, so this is it for today. I'm going to get working on other tutorials for you guys. Please let me know of any comments or suggestions, whatever, I'll be here!!

Take care,

Your Amiguita :)

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