miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2008

My quest for authentic MAC brushes


I have decided to be a full time freelance Makeup Artist and I have found myself having to buy more "makeup essentials" to make this happen. I've been buying foundations, sponges, disposable mascara wands, etc. But my main concern is my most important tool: MY BRUSHES

For all of you makeup geeks out there, you know that it's hard to find a really good brush at a "really good price" and if you want to do this for a living, you better have the best. Well, I've been on a quest for over a week now, looking for the perfect MAC brush set. Obviously, buying all the brushes I need directly from the store is a major investment, over $500. And for me, that I'm barely establishing myself as a MUA, it's quite an investment.

So, I decided to go to Ebay, for all my needs. I love Ebay and I occasionally sell stuff there too, I have found some pretty good things at a great price. So why not take a look? Well, I found some MAC sets of 32 pc, 24pc, 8pc, etc. The 32 pc especially caught my eye, but I don't know... I started thinking...Why is it that the MAC store doesn't sell a set like this? I've seen a bunch of travel sets with some collections, but never a full size... So I started to investigate.

It turns out that MAC has only launched a full size set in Nov '06 and it was called the Pret-a-Porter brush set (In order to be authentic it has to include the 187 brush, just so you know). Haaa, so where are all these sets coming from? My guess, really well made fakes. High quality for a low price.

Now a days, copies are getting better and better. And unfortunately, I have been a victim. Some years ago, a bought a 10pc set and the first thing I checked was where was it made. It turned out to be in Japan, and I was so happy because MAC products usually are made in Canada, Japan, USA. But I recently found out, with some tips that I'm going to give you, that my brushes are not authentic. They do not have a completely black handle. boohooo. :( (but they're actually pretty good).

Here are some ways that you can spot the fakes, so it doesn't happen to you:
The brushes have to come in plastic sleeves with the UPC code, they don't have any special plastic protectors. The brush handles have to be black, the fakes have tiny grayish particles. Also, the numbers of the brush (i.e.MAC 182) are written with white and it brushes off easily, even with your nail. The fakes, have all the info on the brush engraved.

So, what am I going to do now? Definitely not a set. I have decided that even if it takes me a little bit longer, I'll buy them one by one at the store or thru ebay, but just making sure that they're authentic. I would rather invest in a brush that's going to last years and years, than in one that is going to fall appart soon.

Thanks for visiting and If you have any thoughts make sure to let me know... :)

Your Amiguita :)

lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2008

Waiting for Sharkskin from the Gold Fever Collection

Hello Everyone,

Well, I'm so excited because MAC is launching a new collection this week, The Gold Fever Collection. What I'm most excited about is that the "most desired" shadestick for makeup geeks is coming back - Sharkskin! I guess it was so sought out that MAC decided to give it a comeback.

What's so great about sharkskin? It works as a great eyeshadow base and helps enhance the color. MAC's prep + prime is OK, but it definitely has some competition out there. For me, one of the greatest primers is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Not only does it make eye shadows last, but it makes the color even brighter. I've seen the sharkskin on You Tube, but have never tried it... and I'm dying to do so! This is one makeup accesory that a makeup geek shouldn't be without.

I've tried getting the sharkskin at Ebay, but it is so expensive. They're taking advantage of it not being in the stores and selling it for 25-30dlls, sometimes without even adding shipping! Even as a makeup geek, I really don't think it's worth it. But now, it should be at it's regular price of 16.50
That I will pay!

So expect a video on You Tube this week regarding the famous Sharkskin and hopefully it will get a good review. The Collection comes out this Thursday ONLY at Nordstrom!

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

Your Amiguita :)

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jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008



While I was in Vegas, I saw a tv spot about how to organize your makeup. The info was interesting, but what got me going was a site they mentioned about makeup products. This is a site dedicated to rate the ingredients on every makeup/ face product and see how good or bad it is depending on the ingredients. Turns out that companies can put any ingredient into these products and the government does not require pre-market safety tests for any of them!

Well, yesterday night I sat down and tried out this site. I was stunned. Turns out that almost every product I use is almost hazardous!! Whaaaaattttt???!!!

I was there taking a look at almost every makeup brand I know and they all turned out almost the same. Between 5 and 8's, 0 being the lowest and 10 the highest. MAC, Urban Decay, Neutrogena, Oh my God! I can't believe it!

MAC Scrub mask:

yesDevelopmental/reproductive toxicity
among others...

My opinion: I think this is crazy! In this society, we have to learn how to be objective. I honestly think this is over exaggerating. Sometimes we just get overboard and we think that everything is bad. Unfortunately, we are being bombarded every day with bad stuff, listening to the news, comments, etc., and we are a society that is living based on FEAR. Everything scares us. Lettuce, tomatoes, and the list keeps on going.

Maybe they do have some ingredients that are not the best, but do they have to scare us saying that we can get cancer by using this?

Well, this is my opinion and of course, you're welcomed to have yours. If you want to take a look at this site, here's the address And feel free to comment about it and let me know.

miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

I'm back!

Hey you guys!

I just got back from Vegas (and had a lot of fun) and returned veeeerrryyy inspired!
I had a lot of time to think about new videos and new looks to upload to you tube and I'm getting ready to start filming. Just rounding up the models!
Hope you guys are liking the tutorials on youtube. I've gotten some comments and thank God all of them are good! :) So, I'm brainstorming to give you guys the best. So any ideas are welcomed.
Well, I'm uploading some tutorials tonight about how to apply foundation, feel free to ask any questions!

Take care!

Your, Amiguita :)

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008

A little about Me

Hello there,

Well, I want to tell you a little about myself. First, I am a makeup geek, I looooooveeee makeup and love to try it out on myself and on other people.

Everything started seven years ago, when my boyfriend (who is now my husband) asked me why I did not wear makeup...hmmm...that got me thinking, the next day I went and bought a bunch of magazines and eye shadows and started practicing in front of the mirror.

That was the start of the makeup-monster!

From then on, that's how I spent my time off, trying on different types of looks. I got all kinds of compliments and out of all my circle of friends, I was the one that always had the "unique look".
One day, one of my friends told me that I should do this for a living and again that got me thinking... So I enrolled in a makeup course which I passed with flying colors. Even my Instructor wanted to hire me! I was so proud of myself! :)

I've been doing this for a few months now and I love it. After that I decided to start this blog and start making videos about how I do makeup, tips and everything else. My objective is to have all different types of women, with different skin/color types, different ages, eye shape, etc and tackle issues. I hope that you guys will find it interesting and helpful.

So, that's a summary on how I started. I've included a picture of a recent makeup look I did. It's a natural look that I got from the new BCBG MaxAzria Fall catalog.

Have a great weekend!

"Blogs and kisses, blogs and kisses" (Tracy Ullman)

Your, Amiguita :)

viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008

It was a Blast!

Helloo, Helloo,

Yesterday night was wonderful. We had a great time and did so much in 5 hours. Everyone that attended was so happy, smiling, asking questions and learning by taking a look at the people that we were doing their makeup. The purpose of the event was to get women to enjoy their femininity and all their attributes through makeup and I think our goal was definitely met.

Yesterday I uploaded a new tutorial about how to do a Smokey eye. It's a little long because to do a smokey eye is not that easy... but it is well worth it! :) So check it out and let me know if it worked for you!

I also have to upload my video on the look I had on yesterday, hopefully I'll do it later tonight.
It was cool, a megenta with some gold and silver pigment on top. I loved it! Take a look at the picture :)

Ok, so this is it for today. I'm going to get working on other tutorials for you guys. Please let me know of any comments or suggestions, whatever, I'll be here!!

Take care,

Your Amiguita :)

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

It's all about makeup


Have you seen the new video with my beautiful model?! I think it turned out great, hopefully you guys like it! :)

Today is a very important day for me. Tonight I'm going to be giving a presentation on the basics of makeup. I'm very excited but I'm also nervous!! My friend and I are going to be at the site since 5:30pm and we're going to do the makeup of the first 4 women that get to the event. These girls are going to be models when I'm giving the presentation, so it's going to be cool. My presentation is going to last like an hour and a half and it starts at 7pm. I hope I don't get excited and make the presentation longer, hahaha.

Ok, well today I'm going to tape my look for the event. So check back later and I'll have another video!

I have included a pic of the "Liqueur look" but on me :)

Have a wonderful day!

-Your Amiguita

miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008

Special Guest


Well, today has been a very busy day, but I have finally had a chance to sit down. My sister called me today to ask if I could go with her to get a bag. She hates shopping, so she always calls me! I do it for her! We found a pretty cool large hobo bag at the Aldo store at Otay Ranch, and it was 40dlls! great buy! Anyway, I got that sense that I bought something even though it isn't mine... haha

Fashion Urges at 4:21pm: Gone - at least for a while... :)

Tonight, one of my good friends is going to be visiting me and I'm going to try a makeup look on her. She has green eyes and pale skin so everything looks good on her. I will be posting the video on this blog and on you tube later tonight if you want to take a look.

O.k. so this is it for right now, talk to you later!!!

Your Amiguita :)

martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

Welcome to the Makeup Corner

Hello Everyone!

I'm really excited that I finally have a chance to share with all of you what I love - Fashion and Makeup!

The makeup corner is all about our image and anything we can do to improve it. We are a walking business card and we might as well present ourselves the best we can, so this is the place to be if you want to better yourself.

Please visit often, I will be adding new stuff as soon as I can and feel free to leave any comments. I am open to any suggestions to make this a better blog :)
Thanks for taking a look and talk to you soon!!

Amiguita :)

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