miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

Making the shadestick work

Hello there!

Long time, no... blogging, huh?

Well, MAC has launched 2 collections since we last blogged... I awaited the Gold Fever Collection and I loved it!
I was at the Fashion Valley Nordstrom at around 11am of the day f the launching. I was looking for the famous Sharkskin shadestick. I got there, and they only had one left out of four that they had gotten that day. So, I got it!

To my misfortune, I haven't been able to get the best out of my shadestick! I was so excited to get it because I had heard so many good things about it and waited soooo looong to get it... I've experimented around 3 times with it and i just can't get the results I expected.

The first time, I used a cream platinum shadow on top of it. It was o.k. It looked exactly as it would without the shadestick. Second time, I wanted a really "eye-popping" gold, so I decided to use the sharkskin... results... I had to wash it off! awful! lol
I used around 3 golden eyeshadows on top of it and the shadestick showed under the gold, I had a golden eyelid and a black shadow under it!

If anyone out there know how to use it or with what the sharkskin works best with, please tell me! I want to know!

Thanks for taking a look!

Your, Amiguita :)

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